Craniosacral therapy & yoga in Leicester

Craniosacral Therapist,  Yoga Teacher, Specialist Therapeutic yoga teacher for those with disabilities and Special Needs children, registered with the Craniosacral Therapy Association, CSTA and fully insured with the Holistic Insurance services.

I have had supporting, guiding and healing roles for over 25 years, having a background in Psychology & Biology, I studied Human & Environmental Science at Leicester University.  I’ve been around yoga for most of my life, my mum is in her 80’s and has attended classes, and still does, for over 50 years!  I came to yoga and craniosacral therapy (CST) to help deal with living in a body that had been badly injured in a car accident, which led to years of pain and discomfort, I realised that I needed to commit to a regular yoga practice and CST and a way to do this was to dive deeper in trainings, its an ongoing journey but the rewards have been great.  As well as the physical benefits the journey of self knowledge & into stillness have been life changing,  I have found practices to support me through life’s challenges and it is my joy to share them.

I have a passion for the therapeutic use of yoga with children, young people and adults with special needs & disabilities and have initiated the yoga provision in several of the city’s special schools.  I’m drawn to bringing yoga to those who don’t, for whatever reason, feel they can attend mainstream classes, and have worked with a many individuals and groups, including those; with physical disabilities & mental health challenges, post-natal depression, recovering from addiction, coping with cancer and in dementia care settings.  I aim to make yoga accessible to all.

I am a perpetual student of yoga and of life,  I have a regular meditation practice, regularly attend post graduate Yoga, Embodiment and Craniosacral Therapy workshops  as well as an interest in Somatic Movement and Feldenkrais and many years of dancing 5 rhythms & other ecstatic dance practices, all of which help to inform my yoga teaching and Craniosacral therapy practice.

When I’m not sharing yoga or working as a therapist I’m a mother & grandmother, I love to dance, to read, sea kayak, craft, swim outdoors & spend time in wild places.

I am committed to working professionally, holistically and compassionately.  Helping you to feel empowered in your own wellbeing and healing journey.  I am happy to work alongside your NHS or other health & wellbeing practitioners to aid you on your journey back to health or to find ease living with chronic health conditions.

Some of my educational & training highlights:

1997   Advanced Diploma in Behavioural Psychology & Advanced Diploma in Modern Biology – Leicester University

1999  BSC Human and Environmental Science  – Leicester University

2001 NVQ4 Information, Advice & Guidance – Nottingham Trent

2002  Personal Advisor Diploma – Nottingham Trent University

2006 Aromatherapy Massage – South Leicestershire College

2007-9 Yoga Teacher training with Shanti Yoga – 200 hours

2009 yoga’d Up & Yoga Bugs – 30 hours

2009-2012  Shamanic training – with Chris Luttichau of Northern Drum

2010 – 2012  Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy Diploma with Resonance Trainings

2013  Special Needs Yoga SYC  with Jo Manuel  50 hrs

2013 – Swedish Massage

2013  Working with Babies, Children and Mother – Bodynamic CranioSacral Therapy with Shiela Keen – 40 hours

2014  Mindfulness meditation teacher training (MBSR) Mindfulness CIC –  45 hours

2014  Yoga for Neurological differences with Lucy Arnsby –  25 hours

2015 Anatomy & Movement for Yoga teachers  with Gary Carter  –  8 weekends

2015 Prananyama with Philip Xerri –  45 hours

2016  Women’s Yoga therapy training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli –  50 hours

2017  Reflexology for special needs yoga Special Yoga Centre

2017 Yoga Nidra teacher training with Yoga Nidra Network –50 hours

2017 Yoga for Menopause – Uma Dinsmore Tuli

2018  Yin Yoga teacher training with Bernie Clarke – 50 hours

2019 Biodynamic Cranial Touch/ Stillness Touch Initiatory Course with Giorgia Milne

2019 Yoga for Anxiety – The Minded Institute London

2020 Sound Healing with Anne Malone

2020 Accessible Yoga teacher training

2021 Yotism – specialist yoga for Autism

kind words

Yoga Classes

“Great session Kay, really enjoyed it.  I’ve been ages trying and failing to find a class with all the right elements & I think I’ve cracked it.  You are a very good teacher with a positive manner.  The yoga is varied.  There isn’t a whiff of competitiveness.  It’s a pleasant, light, clean and warm environment not some grotty draughty church hall!”

Yoga for the Special Child

“Quite literally we have seen some of our most disabled young people respond and move in ways that we did not know were possible. Other young people have commented on how much they have enjoyed the sessions, how they have been able to relax and move parts of their bodies in new and exciting ways. Teachers have commented on how calm pupils have been on returning to the classroom following a yoga session with Kay and how this has resulted in better levels of concentration and learning”

“We will definitely be incorporating yoga into the curriculum for our children and young people in the coming year!”   Vice Principle Ash Field Academy Leicester 2015”

Craniosacral Therapy

“Thanks for all your care during this difficult time – you certainly make me feel better”– Client with Trigeminal Neuralgia

The day after my first session with you, I had a day free of back pain for the first time since 1993, when my back problems started. I was able to walk further distances and felt brilliant. The pain gradually reappeared over the next few days but to have that relief after one session, has blown me away and I am sure this therapy will be of a huge benefit to me.

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