Yoga classes

“lovely session this morning; you could feel this wonderful connectivity flowing round the room.  Felt energised afterwards………….”

“Great session Kay, really enjoyed it.  I’ve been ages trying and failing to find a class with all the right elements & I think I’ve cracked it.  You are a very good teacher with a positive manner.  The yoga is varied.  There isn’t a whiff of competitiveness.  It’s a pleasant, light, clean and warm environment not some grotty draughty church hall! ”

“Thank you so much for the lovely classes the last few years.  I have enjoyed them and hope thanks to you that I’ll be a yoga convert for life!”

“I attended a block of classes with you in February/March and I just wanted to drop you a message to say how much I enjoyed them…… I often rely on the memory of the your instruction in the classes I now attend”

“Thank you so much for our yoga class this morning.  It was wonderful!  I’ve felt lovely all day, very calm and ready for the week!”

Yoga for the Special Child

“Based on a combination of personal experience and research, we were very excited about introducing yoga sessions for our pupils. Kay has worked with children and young people aged between 4 and 19 with special educational needs and disabilities ranging from moderate to multiple and complex. Whilst we were certain that the pupils would enjoy these sessions, we totally underestimated just how powerful the impact and benefits would be.

Quite literally we have seen some of our most disabled young people respond and move in ways that we did not know were possible. Other young people have commented on how much they have enjoyed the sessions, how they have been able to relax and move parts of their bodies in new and exciting ways. Teachers have commented on how calm pupils have been on returning to the classroom following a yoga session with Kay and how this has resulted in better levels of concentration and learning.

We will definitely be incorporating yoga into the curriculum for our children and young people in the coming year!”   Vice Principle Ash Field Academy Leicester 2015

I could always tell when those pupils had been to yoga sessions because they were always really excited to talk to me about it (both before and after the session) and they were all so calm and relaxed afterwards.  Teacher at special school.

“Over the last month Iris and I have been taking classes with a Yoga Therapist who is tailoring a programme to suit her needs. What has surprised me is how quickly Iris has made a connection with the therapist, how much she enjoys the sessions and the ways that she interacts. It has been immensely positive and what was going to be a short course of just 6 weeks has now become part of our weekly routine. In our last session Iris was so relaxed, smiling at the therapist with wonderful eye contact, allowing her to come close and help her into the next pose, her body flexing into various positions, fantastic for her mind to concentrate on the present movement. The tranquil music in the background has a calming effect and for 30 minutes she interacts, copies, practices her speech and plays, building on all those skills which once were so difficult and stressful. Her social behaviour, strength, flexibility, balance and self-regulation are all improving, making it an ideal practice for a child on the Autistic Spectrum.”  Mother of Child aged 4 with autism

“this is awesome! I want to do this every day”  teenage wheelchair user in special school

Craniosacral Therapy

Thanks for all your care during this difficult time – you certainly make me feel better.  Client with trigeminal neuralgia

B is well. She is happy and settled. I am certain you have helped her!   Baby with stomach issues.

She has settled down and had a bowel movement every day this week! Yay!  Baby with bowel problems.

Thank you for your help, the treatments have been helpful, her appetite has increased.  The family are very thankful for your help.   Elderly client with non diagnosed stomach problems

Amazing session today!  Client with trigeminal neuralgia

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