Yoga is for any ability, whether you are a beginner or have practiced regularly I will guide you through  sessions at your own pace and help you to get the most out of your yoga practice, whether that is one-to-one or in a group setting..

Sessions with me have an interest in utilising yoga to improve our strength and everyday mobility using flows of postures,  somatic movement,  yin and yang versions of postures, stillness, breath, meditation and deep rest.  I am keen to help students find their own way with postures, to find release in postures & begin to unwind the years of tensions many of us can find ourselves with.

With a passion for the therapeutic use of yoga for children, young people & adults with special needs I spend a significant portion of my week using yoga to work with children & adults with a variety of disabilities/complex health needs and neurological and developmental challenges.  I’m keen to work to make yoga accessible to all.

As a mindfulness teacher & regular meditator, mindfulness practice  & techniques are threaded throughout yoga sessions.

Flexibility, strength and balance are more obvious benefit of yoga practice,  however yoga encourages a deeper connection & knowledge of ourselves and the world around us, bringing about a calmer and more peaceful mind.

Yoga is a life long journey, its most definitely not just for the flexible, its for anyone who wants to encourage a healthier expression of movement, and promotes a deeper connection with what is going on in our bodies, minds and the whole of life.


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