Craniosacral Therapists have developed “listening hands”  meaning, sensitive enough to detect very small amplitude movements and restrictions within the body. Feeling and following the subtle clues revealed by the body is absolutely fundamental. Therapists must develop their touch, pressure and contact with precision in order to detect minute barriers to movement and assist without being disruptive to the body’s own guidance and response. The patient’s body corrects and heals internally in response to CST it aids the body and it’s intelligence to release, reboot and recalibrate, mounting a healing response and facilitating the return to optimal function throughout the entire body. Clinically it has been demonstrated, in thousands of patients, to assist with an extremely wide variety of conditions, greatly improving many health concerns, especially those causing pain and movement dysfunction. In addition improvements in energy levels, sleep quality and mental and emotional wellbeing are frequently reported. ”  Marty Calhoun